009a - CROATS Contest

The more observant listeners to the podcast may have noticed something missing from Episode 009 of the CROATS podcast, namely a lack of resoultion to the Dictionary Word Of The Week.

Not only did Tim failed to guess the correct word but David forgot to reveal the answer at the end of the show.  Whoops!

Anyway, we figured this might present a fun opportunity to involve our listeners in the show.  So, if you think you know what the Dictionary Word of the Week was in Episode 009 let us know by tweeting the word to @croatspodcast, or emailing thecroatspodcast@gmail.com.

The first person to guess the word correctly will win a £25 Amazon.co.uk gift voucher.  Not bad eh?

Be warned though, the reason Tim didn't get the word this week is probably because David cheated somewhat. He did say the word during the show, but has it really been a Dictionary.com word of the day?  Hmm...

He wasn't lying though when he said the answer was both too easy and too difficult. 

Ok, that's enough clues - happy hunting!