CROATS 039 - Chasing The Rulers

This weeks confused ramblings include :

  • A tale of dating misfortunes from Tim;
  • A whole load of faux-intellectualism as Tim discusses Nietzsche's idea of the Ubermensch and David talks transients; and
  • A brand new game all about Jason Derulo - Spoiler alert! Tim does quite well! 

The CROATS Podcast - You can never listen to the same episode twice...probably.

CROATS 038 - Not A Good Week For Porn

This week's confused ramblings include :

  • An extended introductory segment in which David takes Tim to task for failing miserably to edit last weeks' podcast;
  • David proves the existence of immortals through the medium of a Tim's Correction Corner; and
  • A genuine piece of fan mail leads David to dust off his Kim Jong Il impression. 

The CROATS Podcast - suffering from Humongous Shin syndrome since 1989.

CROATS 037 - Sock 'n' Tees

It's The CROATS Podcast Halloween Spook-tacular!  This week :

  • David warns of the impending arrival of Lucifer on Earth;
  • A story about pranksters playing porn in a US superstore leads to an overuse of the sexy Tim drops and;
  • The Tim segment returns! The fruits of 90 seconds of intense effort - Tim's Philosophy Adventure. 

This weeks episode comes with free Mind Candy - imagine eating it as you listen!

CROATS 036 - The Folly Of Philately

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • David has a brand new game for Tim to play which involves numbers, the Amazon website and adult entertainment; 
  • We put in our bid for a politically incorrect Dr Seuss book and;
  • Tim's Twitter Adventures - David discovers just what insanity Tim got up to whilst David was on holiday. 

The CROATS podcast - Not coming to the side of a bus near you soon

CROATS 035 - Tim Fritzl And The Eight Fallacies

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • A disturbing turnabout as Tim's name for the week shows more points of similarity with David;
  • Tim fails to convince with his Irish Farmer impressions and;
  • David takes Tim to task over his scattergun approach to Twitter followers.

CROATS 034 - Spilling Porridge

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • Irritation! David is annoyed that Tim's seems disinterested in his recent holiday;
  • Speculation! Just who came up with the idea of disposable underwear?!? and;
  • Toleration! We catch up on our latest Twitter followers. 

The CROATS Podcast - Recycle this podcast for 5p off your next download!

CROATS 030 - iPad Probe

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • A shoddy attempt to live tweet Apple's iPhone event falls apart;
  • Tim demonstrates a spectacular lack of understanding about how squatting works and;
  • Another selection of Tolerators to inspire Tim's twitterings. 

The CROATS Podcast - definitely not Harrow-educated.

CROATS 029 - HashTired

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • A change of pace as we make up for last weeks' low energy levels through the restorative powers of Haribo;
  • We speculate on how to circumvent the justice system through the simple act of reincarnation and;
  • Tim's Twitter Adventures - David expresses concerns over Tim's recent twitterings. 

Caution! Listening to this podcast before you go to sleep may result in you waking up in the morning wondering whether it was all a dream.

CROATS 028 - Infidel Ladies

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • Tiredness - Can one bag of Haribo sustain our energy levels?*;
  • T'Internet - We scour the internet for tales of stolen jokes, felonious penguins and Hamlet 2.0 and;
  • Tolerators - More new Tolerators than ever - but are any of them listening to the podcast? 

The CROATS Podcast! *Spoiler Alert - The answer is no.

CROATS 027 - The Pryce Must Die

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • Off on walkabout! We go all Unsolved Mysteries as David relates a chilling tale to lead us to Tim's name for the week;
  • Off the rails to the max! Our worst derailment to date as David gives Tim a good flanging and;
  • Off the Pope! Three new entries for Tim's Correction Corner. 

The CROATS Podcast - soon to be reincarnated as Tim's Radio Shoe

CROATS 026 - 13 x 11

This weeks confused ramblings include :

  • Tim's father Breaks Bad at the airport;
  • A tale of an elderly woman fending off an attacker in an unusual way leads to an impromptu self-defense lesson for the ladies and;
  • We review the newest film from Tominopictures. 

The CROATS Podcast - where do you hide your sausage rolls?

CROATS 025 - The Reigate Killergram

This weeks' confused ramblings include:

  • David shows off his spoils from a trip to WHSmiths;
  • We discuss whether God's omnipotence makes him a Carpenter, a Nazi, or both and;
  • We deconstruct some more of Tim's terrible Twitter ramblings. 

The CROATS Podcast - thank you faux-listening!

CROATS 024 - Judas Kiss

This weeks' confused ramblings include:

  • A tribute (of sorts) to Cecil The Lion;
  • We speculate as to why Judas chose to betray Jesus with a kiss; and
  • A bumper crop of Tolerators including our prize-winning 25th Twitter follower.

The CROATS Podcast - You won't catch up wearing prostitutes' bras!

CROATS 023 - The Plight Of The Bumblebees

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • A fascinating discussion about David's watch;
  • MovieTime with Tim and a new friend he made on the train, plus;
  • A bumper crop of bloopers in Tim's Correction Corner. 

The CROATS Podcast - Definately not available on Whatsapp!

CROATS 022 - The Stalker On The Train

This weeks confused ramblings include :

  • A disturbing insight into the shared romantic fantasies of Tim and Paul McCartney;
  • A light-hearted discussion on slavery leads us to Tims' name for the week and;
  • Tim explains (extremely poorly) why he thinks he's a fabulous feminist. 

The CROATS Podcast - Please swear at us on iTunes!

CROATS 021 - The Birds And The Zees

This weeks' confused ramblings include :

  • A drop-happy intro in which Tim strugggles to get a word in edgeways with himself;
  • We speculate on how successful Tim would be at Mastermind if his specialist subject was himself and;
  • We turn agony uncles to loyal listener Roy who is seeking advice on pronouncing letters of the alphabet. 

The CROATS Podcast : Watch out for cars when crossing the road!

CROATS 020 - MacGina

This weeks confused ramblings include :

  • We completely fail in our attempts to satirise Greece;
  • Tim educates David on the US Presidents that have enjoyed wacky tobacky and;
  • A Night at Tominos Pictures - We review the cinematic output of our favourite Tolerator. 

Warning! This episode of the CROATS Podcast is mildly educational!