David Breslin

Simpsons David.jpg

David thought that starting a podcast would be a good way of getting to know his work colleague Tim as they are often the only ones in the office to laugh at each others jokes.  Whilst this probably suggests that neither of them are funny, David would rather believe that his office is populated with humourless dullards and the diverse global community that is the Internet will surely reveal some kindred spirits who enjoy his attempts to break Tim's delicate psyche by comparing him to some of the most despicable figures from throughout history.

He is also hoping to use the podcast to pose questions that sound original but have most likely been posed countless times in the past by individuals more educated than him - question like:

  • What is the etymology of the word 'etymology'?
  • Is the wristwatch a valid item of clothing when playing 'Strip Dictionary Word of the Week'?
  • How DO you pronounce 'chagrin'?

Tim [Surname Redacted]

Who is Tim? What is Tim? A humanoid life form? Quite possibly.  A tortured soul in need of a new name for his memoirs? Most definately! 

As co-host of the CROATS podcast Tim has concerns over how such a frivolous pastime will affect his future employment prospects.  He has therefore sought to maintain a degree of anonymity by refusing to reveal his surname on the podcast.  Week by week though, he carelessy reveals more about himself on the podcast and so David is hopeful that it can only be a matter of time before the first determined stalker tracks Tim down in real life.